Showing fearlessness and determination. 



Showing defiance. 



Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. 

The Sea Org is an unwavering paradise for those who love the sound of barked orders and the sight of fake military uniforms. With a billion-year contract to sign and a life of servitude to look forward to, who needs freedom anyway? Sea Org members get to enjoy all sorts of perks, like backbreaking work schedules, meager rations, and the satisfaction of knowing they're spreading the word of... well, something or other.

It may not be clear what the Sea Org's ultimate goal is, but with all that blind obedience and brainwashing going on, who really cares? 

Find the answers you are looking for 

and let us know when you've found them, because we haven't got a fucking clue.

a commitment

Being a part of the most elite organization on Earth requires a commitment like no other: non-enforceable and for time immemorial. 

a mission

Joining the Sea Org means dedicating your life to a mission. Even though you've signed a billion year contract, we have to get it done now.

a goal

The goal of the Sea Org is to get ethics in on the planet. With Earth's population more than double what it was in the 60s and a shrinking member base, we still hope to get it done.

History of the Sea Org

Our world famous Rowboat Openbreeze (pictured above) is recogized globally for its striking presence and capability to service ALL our followers at the same time.

Rowboat Openbreeze

From navigating the vast expanse of the local pond to battling a moderate breeze, the resilliant crew aboard Rowboat Openbreeze founded the Sea Org in the harshest of environments. Born to serve and built to fight, the Sea Org won conflict after conflict, displacing dozens of rubber duckies in the war of the century in order to stand up for our beliefs.

tactical retreat to land

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In the 1970s, the Sea Org faced a monumental battle that put its very existence in jeopardy. Instead of confronting the challenge, we retreated to land and founded the Banner Land Base, from which the Sea Org still operates to this very day.

the sea org today

Since our tactical retreat to land, the Sea Org has seen unprecedented growth. In 2008, a census showed 25,000 of our 3.5 million US parishioners declared their faith, down almost 50% from 55,000 in 2001. Today, the Sea Org has a physical presence in 184 countries, following an international effort to purchase, renovate and abandon historic buildings like in South Africa, where we forgot to pay our electricity bill.

    Leave the Sea Org

    the aftermath foundation

    If you want to leave the Sea Org, the aftermath foundation will help you.

    You can find out more about Scientology lawsuits, money and shell companies on the Scientology Business website.

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